If I loved the Club Yicketty Yak Program, can my child do the program again for another term?

Yes. This will depend on the child’s skills and whether the program is useful now for their capabilities.

At the end of the program, your child will be assessed and a report generated which will indicate whether they will benefit from further attendance at the same level of the group they have attended or a group that offers extension skills at a higher level.

Some children may benefit from another term to enable deepening of their learning and achieving confidence in the skills they are obtaining. As we have a close watch on our participants goals, the Speech Pathologists adjust their tasks in the session to reach their optimal level of learning based on their needs. We may adjust a question to different participants from basic to complex during the same task to account for individual variations. So repeating the group does not mean repeating the material or level of learning that your child previously attended.