CLUB YAK-term 4 2016 – What’s happening

Every program we run is unique as the program breaths and shape shifts to adapt to the style and nature of our little participants. Term 4 2016 has been such a lovely group based on the exciting picture of young minds and hearts.

Our group has enabled us to learn how to managing effective learning behaviour to connect our children to a classroom environment. We have used visual schedules and class structuring tools to help our little ones understand what our group requires of them.

Here is some highlights to enjoy of your children and the experiences that they enjoyed while attending our specialised group. We also know that our parents have enjoyed their journey with us watching from above in their genie bottle viewing room sharing ideas and company through the process of our support program.

1. Phonic All Star phoneme retrieval floor frienze

2. Phonic All Star Phoneme blending and body coordination

3. Using reinforcements that engage interests

4. Language Therapy

5. Narrative language therapy

Group Therapy for Speech, Language and Literacy