Club Yak Tuesday

Speech therapy groups, dyspraxia, language disorder, speech impairment
Club Yak Tuesday is awesome for children who needed additional support with attention, language function and their social communication skills. Children who are mild-to-moderate on the Autistic Spectrum are welcome to attend.

Our CLUB YAK- Tuesday program has been developed for children who are needing more support in managing their social behaviour, their concentration and attention to learn. The Tuesday program is specifically designed to have a greater therapist-to-student ratio to enable this support to be provided. The program targets the development of their speech, language, literacy, social communication and learning behaviour.

The Tuesday group has a greater focus on multi-sensory learning with touch and movement and slows down to establish strong foundations of the core skills that children are requiring for school readiness and success at their best potential given their challenges.

Families are welcome to watch the group from the viewing room above and are supported by the parent handover at 11.30 am with the Speech Pathologist in charge and the online support program.

The program targets:

  • Vocabulary for school success eg. prepositions, adjectives, adverbs…antonyms, synonyms
  • Effectively listening skills for classroom lessons
  • Language usage to enable confidence with verbal expression
  • language of spoken expression and we explore a few styles of expression being narrative skills  and dialogue to enable effective communication with another person
  • Accuracy with grammatical development (eg.verb tense-ing, -ed, will/  copulars: is-are/ accurate pronoun usage)
  • Phonological awareness skills for early literacy development
  • Phonic-letter knowledge for all 24 consonants and all 22 vowels as a foundation to literacy
  • Cognitive skills for problem solving, planning, sequencing and structuring fun projects that the children get to take home
  • Social communication skills with group dynamics and pantomime

If you would like to be part of the program, please call the “Once Upon A Time Therapy” Centre on (07) 55 28 2222 to discuss this further and book your Club Yak assessment with our Speech Pathologists. Your therapist will recommend the group that is most suitable for your child to enable the best outcomes from the program.

Up and coming dates for future Tuesday program groups are available for you to check.


Group Therapy for Speech, Language and Literacy