Registration Information

If you are interested in attending Club Yicketty Yak, please call the speech pathology clinic-“Once Upon a Time” and speak with us about scheduling a screen assessment for suitability for the program.

The screen assessment is undertaken by trained Speech Pathologists to evaluate your child:

  • receptive language function
  • expressive language function
  • vocabulary
  • articulation & phonological processing skills (speech)
  • early literacy skills
  • social communication skills
  • learning behaviour, attention and concentration

This assessment is not a comprehensive speech and language assessment that can often take up to 3 hours to complete for some children. This assessment is to meet you and your child so that you can get to know us and our service and to be comfortable in your choice to let us help your child. The screen assessment also enables us to determine:

  • whether the group is suitable for your child’s needs
  • what support your child requires so that we can adapt the group to fit their needs
  • to measure their pre-group skills so we can then compare this with the achievements that they have made in the group so we can forward this to your kindergarten and school after the group finishes.

Call us to make a booking or discuss any information base don this program.

For information based on the program fee schedule for the screen assessment, program expense, information on funding and claiming this against private or funding packages, please enter your details on the left and this will be forwarded to your email box immediately.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us.

(07) 55 28 2222

Group Therapy for Speech, Language and Literacy