A.1. FAQ-Time Clashes with school

My child attends school at the same time the CLUB YICKETTY YAK program is held.  I don’t know if its a good idea to take them out of school to attend the speech therapy program. I don’t think the school will let me.

 School teachers understand that it can sometimes be challenging to obtain access to specialised Speech Pathology professionals and that there can be restricted access to this service at their Schools or Kindergartens due funding restrictions or guidelines set by the verification process. Club Yicketty Yak has been developed to support this restriction to our community to enable children to gain access to the vital support that they require in their early education years. The group offers a classroom in sim’ opportunity which simulates the classrooms structure but in smaller groups so that students can learn, develop and practice classroom behaviour, effective listening and interactions to enable better integration within mainstream education.

 Club Yicketty Yack has been developed as an intensive group by Speech Pathologists that aims to cover a broad but deep range of skills in a short time period. Children benefit significantly from attending the group as it accelerates their progress with their speech, language, communication, school readiness and learning skills to enable this to be transferred directly into their classroom capabilities.
Generally, teachers are supportive of your child attending the program as they are aware of your child’s communication and learning challenges.
We can also forward them a formal letter that provides information about the program and their absence from their morning session when this is required. Feel free to direct them to the website to provide them with information about the program. You will also be part of the online program when you join the Club Yak Group that enables you to have access to material that is being used in the group with your children. This can assist you to communicate and transfer relevant information to your class teacher or kindergarten group leader about what they are learning each week from your attendance.
On graduation from the 10 week program your school, kindergarten teacher can be provided with a copy of your Speech Pathology Group report which:
  • outlines the program,
  • your child’s strengths and weaknesses
  • how they functioned based on each skill set that was taught
  • outlines future recommendations for support

Group Therapy for Speech, Language and Literacy