A.6.FAQ-Parent Training & Handover

I find it difficult to leave work. Do I need to attend the Parent Training & handover after each session?

It is recommended that you, as parents, attend the parent training and information handover that is held at the end of each week to gain information about the tasks that were specifically held that week and how your child undertook these. This handover is provided by your group leader and she will also provide information about the core learning areas trained in the group, the therapy tools used and how to transfer this knowledge and skill into your home therapy program for your child.

The handover also enables specific information on what activities were undertaken in the group as the program does vary to account for the participants needs.

We understand that some parents have commitments elsewhere, such as work, making them unable to attend, so we provide information in the CLUB YAK folder and some of these activities are uploaded to the internet website and forwarded to you as emails when you are enrolled on our online program. This enables you to catch up on information when your time permits. If you still are unclear of how to undertake activities, you can discuss this with your Speech Pathologist in your individual treatment sessions or if time permits the following week.

Our Speech Pathology centre also offers evening workshops that enables families to learn skills and gain knowledge in key areas that accelerate your treatment programs and reduce your time and expense of therapy. Some of these support topics include:

  • Speech and language impairment
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorder
  • Case management from home
  • Alternative communication- Signs and symbols

Call the centre on (07) 55282222 for more information.

Group Therapy for Speech, Language and Literacy