A3. Attending Speech Therapy

My child currently attends individual speech therapy sessions with another speech pathologist in the community. Am I still allowed to apply for the group? Do I stop my individual sessions whilst attending the group?

We understand that you may be benefiting greatly from attending Speech Therapy with another Speech Pathology provider in the community and we welcome any therapists to refer their clients to the group if they feel that this may benefit their speech, language, literacy and communication skills. They can call us directly, email or fax us any information that can support your Club Yak assessment for suitability.

We do recommend that you continue individual speech therapy during your program as the program has not been developed to target specific and intricate therapy goals that will always require a one-on-one clinicians attention in individual sessions. This is especially so for articulation and phonological disorders and verbal dyspraxia. Whether you take a break for the 10 weeks or continue with individual therapy will need to be discussed with your treating Speech Pathologist and the answer will be based on the individual child’s diagnosis, their funding package and families capability to finance their therapy process.

We do understand that some families may be stretched to afford both at the same time, however, the group is a cost effective way of achieving a broad skill set in a brief time period. The group is also best attended when students are between a certain age band to be effective with the goals of learning, practicing and integrating their classroom success skills. Ideal placement is in the year prior to PREP admission or for older students in their first years of PREP and GRADE 1.

Group Therapy for Speech, Language and Literacy