C.1. FAQ-Program Syllabus

I am not sure whether my child will be suitable for the CLUB YICKETTY YAK program? My child can refuse therapy, be off- track and need significant support with being interested in activities? I am afraid s/he will not be enthusiastic and refuse to attend?

Club Yicketty Yak has been artfully created for the challenging and ‘Mary Mary Quite Contrary’ child in mind. The program is a collection of super-high powered effective speech therapy programming as developed by Katrine Elliott, an experienced Speech Pathologist of 20 years clinical practice. Katrine has added her ‘unique-point -of-difference’ touch by creatively designing a program that is highly interesting, colourful and down-right exciting for kids to attend. Remember, it is about grabbing the interest of the child, and participants love all the fun, games, creative tasks and flashy stuff that this group provides. We think the parents do to.

For information about the program syllabus, look further into the pages attached. Here we outline what skills are developed within each core module of the program. Look closely, as sometimes it is hidden under the veil of the funky tasks. Even though it doesn’t look, smell and taste like speech therapy…doesn’t mean it isn’t.


Group Therapy for Speech, Language and Literacy