Enhanced Primary Care funding for groups

Can I claim the CLUB YICKETTY YAK group using Medicare (EPC)

Unfortunately, No.

Some children are eligible for 5 subsidised sessions (approximately $53 rebate of consultation expense) for individual speech therapy per calendar year under the Enhanced Primary Care Program- Medicare. This enables children to gain a brief period of assessment and intervention for speech therapy related challenges as part of a medical team, and for your therapist to inform your General Practitioner of a recommended care program for ongoing therapy to correct the communication condition. The Club Yicketty Yak group assessment expense can be claimed within your EPC program.

The expense of the ongoing speech therapy for individual sessions is usually paid by the family, unless they are within specific diagnostic groups and are eligible for funding packages.

Your speech Pathologist can support you by providing you with information as to whether you may be eligible among the opinion of the medical team.


Group Therapy for Speech, Language and Literacy