Failure to attend policy

Will I have to pay for days when my child cannot attend CLUB YICKETTY YAK? What if we are on holidays, we are sick or there is something at school we need to attend? Do we attend during school holidays?

Yes, just like booking in school or kindergarten, participants will need to pay for the entire 10 week program whether the child attends or not for any of these reasons as the group has been budgeted for professional and support staff, programming equipment and business expenses based on the 10 open positions for the children who attend. It is important that you are happy with the group, understand what your expectations are and what you will be receiving from the group before enrolling.

Early cancellations during the program will be charged 50 % of the full program fee to cover the expenses that have been allocated for you child to attend. When securing a position to attend, be mindful that there are limited positions and it is a ‘first in-best dressed’ method for establishing who gains those limited positions based on suitability. So there may have been another child who has missed out on a place in the group and needed to wait until the following term.Children are not able to start a group mid-way through the program.

To support families and children that may miss a week due to some reasons such as illness, camp, school excursions, we have employed many strategies to manage these obstacle to enable that children still receive the valuable information. Sometimes we take video footage and photos during the program to communicate with you at home about what was attended each week. You also will have access to the online home based program that enables you to repeat information to consolidate learning for your child and to catch up on what you have missed. This is more than value for time and money…as you have access to the group …outside of the group and after the group.

Group Therapy for Speech, Language and Literacy