Find It! Game

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Great for learning vocabulary and stimulating visual processing skills.

Find It! Game

Our group members will be playing the Find It! Tubes which are a great game for developing their vocabulary skills. The students  search for the small objects among a scattering of coloured bits and pieces and then match these found objects with their Bingo and/or reading cards. The kids call out the objects they find (naming words) and then generate a complete and accurate sentence using these words (sentence formulation with syntactic and grammatical skills).  This task assists them to practice their articulation, knowledge of words and to construct sentences whilst attending to the other players calling out the words and also holding these words in their auditory memory whilst they search for more words. Level 1 students mark their target words see on their bingo cards whilst level 2 students find the word of their object written in a list.

The find it! Game also assists the children to develop their visual processing skills in that they have to look carefully to see what the tiny objects are against the coloured beads (figure-ground visual perception) in the cylinder and they also need to work out what the objects are when the shape is partially hidden (visual-image closure skills).

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