Club Yak Kit

Participants in the Club Yicketty Yak program will receive a Club Yak kit as they attend their first week with us. The kit contains an assortment of goodies that feature the Phonic All Star program resources that support your speech and literacy program and an array of hand picked activities that we work on in our groups and are part of the home activity pack for you to consolidate skills we have addressed in the program. Here’s a taste of what you will get:

Club Yicketty Yak Program Folder filled with full colour cardboard activities and learning resources, home activity tasks, and parent teaching posters.  (valued $120)

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Let the Phonic All Stars Teach-YOU-speech-sounds the fun way

The Phonic All Stars-Teach Me Speech Sounds Book (sale price $35)


The Phonic All Star-Level 1 flashcards (sales price $35)

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Phonic All Star Flashcards-Level 1


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Phonic All Star CD 1-Cruisin’ with the Consonants…look out for CD 2-Carnivale of Sound

The Phonic All Star Music CD-Cruisin’ with the Consonants (sale price $35)







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Make therapy and home activities exciting with these flashy folks!

Phonic All Star Series 1 stickers (sales price $5)

Group Therapy for Speech, Language and Literacy