Your Club Yak Folder

Club Yak folder

Your Club Program has been issued to enable you to follow up with home activities to undertake with your child during the time between the weeks of the program. We understand that some of you may be quite busy and may not be able to undertake an activity each day during the week. The design of the website enables you to work at your own pace and not miss out on material if you were too busy to complete activities between the weeks.

We recommend that you do what you can and keep the link emails in a file and work your way down the list ticking off what you have achieved when you can or even after the group is completed. In the “travel guide” you will see the “home travels pack which is developed to enable you to keep a record of your activity and for us to see this and what you have achieved from week to week. Simply write in what activity sheet you completed in each section based on what has been issued through this online program.

Home travel pack

Your Program is broken into 10 weeks with the coloured dividers and each week you will see material appearing to use at home. Each web page and video will explain how this can be achieved. If you are still confused, please ask us and we can help you. Inside the folder after the group you may also see some of the pages completed in your folder. We will try to explain what was given and then you can see how your child went with the activity.

Sometimes there may be deviations from the program based on needing to account for individual needs or more depth on a particular skill. So if something is confusing…just ask us.

The folder will also contain lots of Phonic All Star product material that is yours to keep. Each week we will be outlining what to do with each piece of equipment and also what it is supporting on our road to learning and helping your child with their:

  • listening skills,
  • speech skills: articulation and phonological processing skills,
  • auditory processing and receptive language skills
  • vocabulary and expressive language,
  • pragmatics and social skills
  • phonological awareness skills
  • and development towards literacy

The Phonic All Star program

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Throughout the program you will be directed to the website where you will be able to gain access to the Phonic All Stars and their teaching material.

 The Phonic All Star material that you have received in your folder includes the following items:

Teach Me Speech Sounds Front page

You can use this book to work with your child and support your and their learning of speech sound and how they are produced in the mouth and with the breath, voice and articulators (tongue, teeth, lips, soft palate and jaw). Feel free to colour in the pictures or you can do a photocopy for yourself for the wall.

We understand some participants are already having individual speech therapy so if you already have these-they were not included in your pack. I couldn’t ask you to prepare them again! I know they are a bit of work…but well worth the effort. It’s a good idea to do the cut and paste with your child whilst watching the footage that teaches each speech sound. You can get to this web page from hear as a short cut  to “learn your Phonic All Star Speech Sound Cards” if you like but we will be learning this later in week 3. Phonic All Star Flashcards level 1

These cards will be need to be prepared by you which will require cutting along the outside of each individual card-but not along the fold line. Glue the card after you have folded the picture side to meet the letter side. It should match up perfectly. They are best run through a laminater for protection. Then punch a hole in the left hand corner where the small grey circle is indicated. If you do this accurately the ring slides in easily-if you miss-it takes feeding each card on one at a time.

Now the cards are designed to travel with the child for regular practice because these are our “speed flipping cards“. After we learn them we want them to be said accurately and fast. Find out why later.

At the back of your folder you will find the posters and information that is for the Club Yak Parent Training Program. This is for you to look at when you watch and listen to the training videos and helps to outline what is being explained. This includes full colour posters for:

  • Speech, Language, and Literacy Processing
  • The Semantic Centre
  • How does Listening Work?
  • The Literacy Mind Map


Please appreciate that all material that is provided to you is copyright protected and has been developed over years of hard effort and dedication. So I appreciate you not copying or distributing this material other than for your own individual use with your child. Unfortunately, when this does occur, the copying degrades the quality of the product and it gets used incorrectly and this then misrepresents the standard of the products and fails to demonstrate the effectiveness of the methods that underpin the speech and literacy “engineering program” . Thanks 🙂

So to go onto to the next section leading to week 1 program information click on the link.



Group Therapy for Speech, Language and Literacy