Parent Training Program

Welcome to the Club Yicketty Yak Parent Training Program.

Parent training for speech therapy groups at Once UPon a Time therapy, Katrine Elliott, Speech Pathologist at OPtimal Communications, Gold Coast in the Club Yicketty Yak Speech, language, literacy, social skills and school readiness program
By learning about communication, literacy and social skills you will be more equipped to support your child for optimal progress.

This program has been built for you-to work with you-in your time frames-your life style and commitments so that we can work together to achieve your child’s communication goals.

Each week we will be learning about topics and understanding the skills that have been undertaken in the week of the program. This will support you in assisting your child at home and understanding why the activities are helpful to develop specific skills for you and your child.

Club Yicketty Yak is a group program and some activities are generic to all participants so if you are needing specific information about your child and how a task may improve their function and whether this is one of their goals, you will need to speak with your treating Speech Pathologist individually.

Keep watching this space as the program progresses and then click on the links below to gain access to the Club Yak weeks in the program. Click on the link for the week by week low-down to help you navigate your way through what to do-where to be-what to bring. 

Week 1 Arrive at 8.30 am to enable time to meet the children, provide them with their Club Yak folder, set program goals and undertake Program house keeping, group rules and how we undertake the program. Meet us back in the CLUB HOUSE at 11.30 am for the parent training. Please bring folders every week. Please complete documentation regarding use of photography-video-food tolerances and provide to administration. For weeks activities click the week 1 link.

Week 2Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the group starts-(8.45 am) for a 9.oo am sharp program start time. This enables us to settle the children and add any information into your program folders. By now you would have received communication with us regarding your online home therapy program for Club Yicketty Yack syllabus and the teach-me-speech-sounds speech and literacy correction program. If not-contact us so we can ensure you don’t get left behind. Start working through the video presentation and they will guide you to the activities given in your folders. Parent training aims for 11.30 am in the CLUB HOUSE. For weeks activities click the week 2 link.

Week 3Arrive at 8.45 for a 9.00 am start. We will see you again at 11.30 am for the parent handover. If you miss this-you can catch the pre-recorded version online. For weeks activities click the week 3 link.

Week 4-For weeks activities click the week 4 link.

Week 5-For weeks activities click the week 5 link.

Week 6-For weeks activities click the week 6 link.

Week 7-For weeks activities click the week 7 link.

Week 8-For weeks activities click the week 8 link.

Week 9-For weeks activities click the week 9 link.

Week 10Celebration week! Please ensure you have a family member attend this week as this is when your children get to show you their wonderful efforts throughout the program. We may listen to them speak, watch them dance, maybe watch a movie, showcase their sculptures and award special certificates and the trophies! You will also be given your CLUB YAK program reports to then pass on to your school teachers, learning support teachers and Community & Education department Speech Pathologists.

For our final weeks activities click the week 10 link.

Group Therapy for Speech, Language and Literacy