Club Yak Program-week 1

Welcome to week 1 of our program. Watch the video and Katrine will provide you with information about the following information in your Yak folders:

1aa. Introduction to the Club Yicketty Yak Group
b. House keeping & group attendance
c. Club Yicketty Yak Syllabus
d. Parent group attendance and online training
The phonetic alphabet consonant & vowel sheet

Phonic All Star-Speech Sound-Folder Guide

  • The phonetic alphabet consonant & vowel sheet
  • The folder guide also links to the second level Phonic All Star cards that support children in learning the multiple ways that speech sounds write their letter patterns in words. Watch the video to find out how this is done.

Managing Emotional Outbursts during Groups

As our program supports children with challenges, sometimes the activities we ask them to do “can push their buttons” and this may results in an array of behaviours that may interfere with their success with learning. Some may withdraw, some avoid the tasks or divert your attention and some can become angry and have emotional outbursts during challenging tasks. As therapists we understand that these feelings are part of the whole child and assist them to understand what these feelings mean and find suitable options for emotional release or model a more suitable behaviour. This video using paper tearing as a preferred replacement behaviour for the emotion of anger and we explain to the students the importance of keeping that feeling in a boundary (over the bin) that doesn’t hurt anyone else by what we say or do to them. We instruct that it should be only used when the feeling arises and not practiced. ┬áIt shoud also be always paper that was scrap paper of which we also “segway” into the scrap paper can be used for papier mache for “no waste art“. Turning our feelings into something special or tunring something negative into something positive.


We give the students support in knowing there will be new tasks in the group to learn and that we don’t expect them to be able to achieve these on their first attempt.

Paper ripping was found to be fun-and set a positive tone to looking at our emotions. One note…use old and used paper…especially for those that “honor drawing“… as I do. We needed to specify that is wasn’t OK to rip up any ones work or drawings.

Group Therapy for Speech, Language and Literacy